Specialty Bits

Richard Shrake, the internationally renowned trainer, judge and clinician has designed a collection of bits, the Resistance Free™ Bit Series. For the past 40 years, Shrake has become the utmost expert on bits; their history, use and design. Throughout Richard's career, he has felt that there should be many improvements and changes in the bits that are available to the horse owner today. along with an understanding of their use.  Current bit manufacturers have been producing the same bits for years, but with very little involvement of what is best for the horse. Because of Shrake's Resistance Free™ methods, he always considers the horse first by using the quiet, gentle, patient way of training and teaching.  Because of this, and after years of study, Shrake has designed several ways for the bit to give the horse every benefit of humane communication. All of the Resistance Free™ Bit Series have mouth pieces that are made of a special sweet iron. Through Richard's 40 years of training experience, he has found this to be much more acceptable to the horse.

Since the rider communicates with the horse through the bit, Shrake strongly states that the bit plays the most important part in developing a a quiet, happy, giving attitude in the horse. For too many years, horse people have only had access to bits that scare or force their horses into working, without the knowledge of how to correct the problem or even consider their bitting methods.