Richard Shrake

Resistance Free® Riding & Training Methods

RESISTANCE FREE® RIDING: A complete method that produces total communication between horse and rider. The rider learns to develop "feel", where there is no resistant moves against the horse. For whatever skill level, you will become a more confident, more relaxed, controlled, all-around rider. You will learn the keys to balance, timing and rhythm; drills, exercises and mental techniques to become a confident, fluid rider.  You will see immediate results between horse and rider.

RESISTANCE FREE® TRAINING: This is an easy to follow step-by-step program that eliminates the need to use the old-fashioned forceful methods of training a horse.This teaching allows you to master the fundamentals to gain the confidence of your horse by having the confidence in yourself. You will learn bonding, how to use your horse's natural instincts to your advantage and spot and understand resistant movement in you and your horse.

Remember the Difference….between an outstanding rider and a mediocre one is not primarily skill, but knowledge

Knowledge is how to cooperate with and take advantage of the natural reflexes of the horse to achieve either basic or very complex maneuvers. Trying to develop skill through hours of practice is absolutely futile if you do not have this knowledge. Now it can be yours! Whether you are a novice or professional, English or Western, the RESISTANCE FREE® methods will improve and advance your riding and training program.

Richard Shrake is an educator, not an entertainer!

He is the trainer and showed the All Around horse at the Quarter Horse Congress, instructed and coached over 40 World Champion youth and amateur winners in many breeds and judged 16 World Championship shows for five major horse breeds. Richard has trained and ridden in hundreds of horse shows all over the nation.  His career is so extensive in every walk of the horse industry that his knowledge is undeniable. His teaching methods and ability to pass this on to all horse people is a gift that he shares with all who want to realize the maximum ability of their horse and themselves. His pleasure is to instill confidence, patience, knowledge and a complete step-by-step program for horse owners to accomplish their goals.

Richard Shrake concentrates on building confidence in your riding skills and understanding your horse


  • Creator of the Resistance Free training & riding methods
  • Trainer of the Quarter Horse Congress All Around Champion horse
  • Instructor of over 40 World Championship youth & amateur winners
  • Judge of 16 World Championship Shows for 5 major breeds
  • Author of four best selling equestrian educationall books
  • Originator of Accredited Resistance Free® Trainer/Instructor Program
  • Advisory Board Member at 5 colleges and universities
  • Teacher of clinics & seminars internationally and around the globe
  • Producer of over 25 educational DVDs
  • Lecturer at over 220 major Universities and Colleges
  • Demonstrator at over 300 Horse Expos & Fairs
  • Inducted into the Horse Expo Hall of Fame 
  • Showed at major shows & circuits throughout the USA & Canada
  • Inducted to Hall of Fame for International Equestrian Master Symposium 
  • Designer of top quality saddles, horse bits and tack
  • Sponsored by the #1 equine companies in the industry
  • Voted "Best of Show" clinician at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY
  • Owner of Miss Resistance Free, the perfect "10" & Breyerfest horse of the year

Richard Shrake's Professional Affirmation

The Resistance Free horse training and riding methods have been a life long process for me to be able to share with you the knowledge of patience, kindness and obedience when working with horses and riders. I have trained and instructed for over 45 years and my goal is to pass this on to all horse people who want a program that works for them and their horse.

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